What is DD6?

DD6 is short for Jefferson County Drainage District No. 6. Established in 1920, DD6 serves Beaumont, Bevil Oaks, China, Nome and the communities of Fannett, Northwest Forest, Hillebrandt Acres, Cheek and LaBelle as well as farm and timber land in between. DD6 cover over 487 sq. miles. DD6 controls storm and flood waters from rivers, streams and ditches, and drains and reclaims overflowed lands.


DD6 services about 52% of northern Jefferson County, an area almost 1/2 the size of the state of Rhode Island. Within this area there are over 1247 linear miles of streams, ditches and outfalls, all under the jurisdiction and control of DD6.


Since the inception of DD6, Jefferson County has relinquished most of its flood control and drainage activities to the District for those properties located within DD6 boundaries. All incorporated and unincorporated areas rely heavily on DD6 to provide outfall drainage and flood relief.


How does DD6 work for you?

DD6's responsibility consists of maintaining and constructing large outfalls, cutoffs, gullies, streams and bayous that accept runoff collected through municipal and other local drainage systems and transport it out of the area.


In the process of flood management, DD6 has collected and compiled extensive field data which was used to create a Master Drainage Plan for the entire district. This plan utilizes channelization and detention techniques to relieve flooding in critical areas.


In addition to the above, DD6 carries out daily preventive maintenance which includes grass and weed cutting, application of herbicides in agricultural areas, ditch cleanouts, care of concrete linings, earthen channel rectification and many other activities which protect and improve the environment.


What about the Ecosystem?

DD6 is very concerned about the care and conservation of our environment. This is the very reason our District, and others like it, were created in the first place. As an example, DD6 is the leading local sponsor of the federally-funded Taylor's Bayou Drainage and Flood Control Project. This project lies within several environmentally sensitive areas and has required great care and planning. All work on this project has been carried out in close coordination with environmental agencies to assure the absolute safety of our ecosystem.


What about the economy?

DD6 employs over 82 permanent employees and approximately 55 temporaries. In addition, major contract construction work provides even more jobs. The federally funded projects bring money and jobs into our area that we would otherwise miss.


Does the state or federal government run DD6?

DD6 is governed by a 5 member Board of Directors appointed by the Jefferson County Commissioners Court for 4 year terms. This 5 member board then appoints a General Manager who oversees the operations of DD6.


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