The control structure and basin were designed to impound stormwater runoff and reduce flows downstream resulting in a downstream benefit. In performing this function, the in-channel control structure increases the Water Surface Elevation (WSEL) in Ditch 600 for a controlled distance upstream of the basin in the uninhabited forested region. This controlled increase is by design and is designed to persist for the 100-yr TP40 event to a distance of ~3-mi upstream of the control structure, before the channel improvements begin to reduce the WSEL.
The Ditch 600 channel improvements were designed to efficiently convey runoff to the basin and to provide a flood mitigation benefit upstream. A primary objective of this investigation is to determine the distance upstream from the control structure that the increase in WSEL extends for a variety of storm events, including Tropical Storm Imelda, before the channel improvements compensate and begin to provide lower WSELs. Based on the results of this investigation, it appears that the basin, water control structure, and channel improvements work together to achieve their intended goal of providing flood mitigation benefits both downstream and upstream of the project.

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