Amela Cutoff Detention/Diversion

Estimated Cost $4,246,000.00

The primary cause of the high flood water surfaces in the Amelia Cutoff is an extremely inadequate crossing of the LNVA Port Arthur fresh water canal. This flume structure effectively blocks over half of the channel and causes 3 feet of head loss during the 100-yr event.  This head loss or increase in water surface elevation, affects the Amelia Cutoff upstream to its source at Keith Ditch.  The scope of work is to construct a detention and a diversion channel that will redirect half of the flood flow away from the Amelia Cutoff flume structure.  Construction of the channel will involve the purchase of  right-of-way and also a fill site.  The right-of-way and fill site will be cleared and grubbed.  A channel  will be excavated from the Amelia Cutoff along the north side of the LNVA Canal, 8,320 feet to an existing detention basin, which flows into the Hillebrandt Oxbow channel.  Five crossings will be constructed by installing a double runoff, 10-ft x 10-ft precast boxes at each crossing.  6-in thick reinforced concrete slope paving will be constructed at the entrance and exits of each crossing.  Downspouts, i.e., 24-in culverts will be installed to drain the adjacent property into the main channel.


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