Flood Mitigation

This project is channel and crossing improvements on the upstream end of Byrd Gully. The channel has 6 crossings that are inadequate to carry the flows without some level of flooding occurring. 

First Phase will consist of an environmental assessment to ensure a FONSI. The second phase of the project is to quadruple the capacity of the existing Ditch 609 by excavation of the channel to a 9-ft depth and a 15-ft and 10-ft bottom width, with 4:1 side slopes.

The Elinor Street Relief Project is a drainage project that will address and relieve repetitive shallow home flooding that has, and will reoccur, if not addressed. The project will involve installation of a 48-in and a 60-in reinforced, concrete pipe under 8th Street from Elinor Street north, 3 blocks to Ditch No. 110.

This project will involve the installation of round storm culverts ranging in diameter from 60 inches to 18 inches. The project will take advantage of an existing open channel, as well as an underutilized 55-acre, 8-ft deep detention basin, which currently receives runoff from the Gulf Terrace Watershed. 

This project is a drainage improvement project located in an unincorporated area of Jefferson County, Texas; 8 miles southwest of Beaumont. The project will involve increasing the width of Taylor's Bayou for 500 feet. 

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