Ditch 609/S. China Relief Project

Estimated Cost $ 6,615,544.00

First Phase will consist of an environmental assessment to ensure a FONSI. The second phase of the project is to quadruple the capacity of the existing Ditch 609 by excavation of the channel to a 9-ft depth and a 15-ft and 10-ft bottom width, with 4:1 side slopes. Ditch 609 is 18,614 feet long. The excavated material will be stacked along the sides of the channel, with gaps every 500 feet to allow for adjacent property drainage. Two other ditches will be excavated as tributaries to the main channel. One new ditch will be excavated parallel and on the east side of South China Rd. to deliver runoff from a 78-acre sub-watershed to the north. An irrigation lateral will be moved 90 feet to the east. Eight crossings will be enlarged to either 3 strings of 8-ft x 8-ft box culverts or 3 strings of 7-ft x 7-ft box culverts. The crossing lengths will vary from 22 feet to 40 feet. A water line and sewer line will be adjusted to allow for the new crossing at S. China Rd. All fence lines that re disturbed will be replaced with new fence. An environmental assessment will be accomplished with final engineering. It will take 154 weeks to complete this project.


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