Elinor Street Project Community

Estimated Cost $ 1,493,200.00

The Elinor Street Relief Project is a drainage project that will address and relieve repetitive shallow home flooding that has, and will reoccur, if not addressed. The project will involve installation of a 48-in and a 60-in reinforced, concrete pipe under 8th Street from Elinor Street north, 3 blocks to Ditch No. 110. Cast-in-place reinforced concrete junction boxes will be constructed in 8 areas where cross culverts are encountered, or turns are required. Downspouts will be installed, which will deliver the runoff from the curb and gutter street or the open road ditches into the new storm sewers. Existing road ditches will be regraded and driverway culverts re-laid in order to convey the runoff to the newly constructed infrastructure.


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