Taylor's Bayou Drainage

Estimated Cost $ $2,500,860.00

This project is a drainage improvement project located in an unincorporated area of Jefferson County, Texas; 8 miles southwest of Beaumont. The project will involve increasing the width of Taylor's Bayou for 500 feet. The widening will extend from 250 feet upstream from Hwy-124 to 250 feet downstream from Hwy-124. The Bayou width currently averages 100 feet through this stretch and will be increased to 220 feet wide. An average of 70 feet of additional flat bottom will be excavated at elevation -7.0, and a 4H:1V side slope will be excavated up to ground level. The bayou will not be made deeper, only wider. The Hwy-124 bridge will be replaced with a 5-span, 260-ft long bridge. The existing bridge is a 7-span, 140-ft long bridge. Jefferson County Purchasing Depart. will be responsible for the procurement of the engineer, as well as bidding out the construction contract to demolish the existing bridge, excavate the channel across the highway right-of-way, construct the new bridge, and complete the roadway work. TxDOT will review and comment on the plans and specifications. TxDOT will also review and approve the construction inspection procedures. Jefferson County will enter into an interlocal agreement with DD6 for the excavation outside of the highway right-of-way.


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